Can you cater for dietary restrictions or allergies?

Yes! Chef Misha has years of experience creating dishes for clients with celiac disease (gluten intolerance). She has also catered to nut allergies, vegan, vegetarian and diabetic clients.

Would you be willing to work according to my diet or the diet plan given to me by my doctor / nutritionist / personal trainer?


Does the service price include the cost of groceries?

No. Ingredients are billed separately from your service fee, though they will come on the same invoice. This gives the client the flexibility to get any variety of ingredient, from anywhere, without having to stick to the chef's budget. 

Clients are welcome to give their chef a credit card for them to use in the purchase of supplies. Or the chef will purchase these items to be reimbursed. 

Am I locked into a contract?

No. We start our services with a two-week trial period and a 24hr cancellation policy. After those two weeks, you decide if you would like to continue services and move into a two-week cancellation policy. 

Yes! Some clients spread their meals out over two-weeks and this is a better solution for them.

Do you offer bi-weekly options?

What areas do you serve?

Prep Perfect is located in Cherry Creek. We serve clients in the general Denver Metro area. If you are not in the Denver Metro area but are interested in services please contact Chef Misha to find out if we can work together. 

Do you offer different meals for each day?

No. The nature of meal prepping is cooking dishes in batches that will be consumed over time to add consistency to diet and increase efficiency. My service offers up to 5 recipes per week which allows for plenty of variety in meals!

I don't like to eat the same thing everyday. Can you make me different recipes for each day and meal?

Unfortunately, no. Meal prepping is most effective when executed in bulk production. Scheduling a consultation call can allow you to create a strategy with Chef Misha that will fit into the services provided, as well as help you reach your goals!

I hate left overs, but I want to meal prep. Can you help me?

Yes! We can show you ways to heat your meals to make them seem less like left overs. Ultimately, meal prepping is the art of purposeful left over consumption, so this is something to keep in mind.  

Would you be willing to do a large meal prep that I could freeze and use for 2 weeks - a month?

Absolutely. We can decide on the recipes you would like made and the day you would like them prepped. The service cost will depend on the volume and variety of the prep, which we will go over when you schedule you're consultation call.

I'm interested in meal prepping, but not just for myself. Do you meal prep for partners or families?

Yes! If you and your partner are interested in being on the same meal plan (the same diet) then you can sign yourself and your partner up on the listed service price. If there is variation in the meal plan (say one partner is vegan and the other is a ravenous carnivore) then we add $50 to whichever service you select (to compensate for the varied labor that comes with making a larger variety of meals).

Do you cater events?

Yes! We can offer catering services to small events (less than 15 people) with a limited menu (1-2 courses). For example, we were hired last year to make brunch Saturday and Sunday for a weekend get-away in downtown Denver. Which was a great solution for this group as it would have been super hard to get into a brunch venue downtown with 15 people! Much easier to just have it at their Airbnb.